Raanjhanaa :My Review

Cast: Dhanush, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub

Director: Anand Rai
Dhanush makes a grand entry into Bollywood by being what he does best. Hysterical love. And this time he does it with added cuteness in Hindi. He is undoubtedly the star of Raanjhana, a love story with great dialogues and fast paced screenplay, that keeps you looking for what happens next. A love story that lets you feel the pain of the protagonists’ love, dilemma, innocence through the window of time, through which Kundan (Dhanush) grows. And with his growth, his love for Zoya (Played by Sonam Kapoor).

Dhanush makes a grant entry to bollywood
AR Rahman puts his magic in the songs and makes you connect with the plot.
Kundan, played by Dhanush, puts in the innocence and craziness as the teen, trying to be different in “professing her love”. He keeps on persisting, even enjoying 16 slaps that are offered by the lady he is in love with. But with a love induced wrist cut, making Zoya hug her and which ultimately getting known to her family. She gets sent to Aligarh to study, while our Lover boy waits in Benaras. Old school, some would say.

Dhanush and Sonam
But when Zoya returns. She had left those old benaras days behind her. But the hero’s persistence to still get her remains intact. So much so, that he makes sure that she doesn’t get married by employing tricks then and now, on Zoya’s insistence. Only to find later from her that she is in love with someone else. Enter Abhay deol, the guy she is in Love with.
The story doesn’t just end here. This just starts with twists and turns awaiting you ahead.
The story unfolds as to how he agrees to help her in getting married to Abhay deol, how he goes just out of his way in doing everything that Zoya (Sonam) wants and how, even till the end he is still there waiting for her to reciprocate her love, the same way that he does.
But believe me, this is not just a love story about these two. There’s politics and power, there’s the benaras flavor, friends who would stand beside you in everything and innocence spread out everywhere.

Dhanush plays the romantic -cum-cute stalker
It’s not just Dhanush, who does a great job, but so is his onscreen friend Murari, played by Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub who has some of the best dialogues to his credit. Displaying the plight of small town lovers he comes up with, “Mohalle ke aashiqon ke pyaar ko aksar engineer doctor hi udaa lejaate hain”. While dhanush is crazy for Zoya, Bindiya (Played by Swara Bhaskar of Tanu weds manu and Aurangzeb fame) is crazy for him, with bold dialogues like, “baapu ke kapde to phaad diye, hamare kab ” to which Danush replies, “Kundan ke pyajame ka naada itna dheela nahi, ki blouse ke huk se khul jaye
Murari and Bindiya put the life in the first half of the movie, while the politics in the second, coupled with some great one-liners and scenes involving Dhanush makes it worth a watch.

Swara bhaskar as Bindiya
Director, Anand Rai utilizes these two characters to keep the tempo going with their amazing dialogue delivery and support to the leads. The knack with which Dhanush has understood the character and puts his life in it, scene by scene is amazing, and of course credit also goes to the director for it.

Anand Rai utilises the cast to it's perfection
Sonam ‘s is a character that you will hate, although chances are you might not like her acting as well. Except scenes where she is crying, where she surprisingly does emote, otherwise she is okayish. It’s an all-out Dhanush movie.
To sum up, Ranjhna is a story of a hindu boy being in love with a Muslim Girl, in the town of Benaras. The colorful town, filled with vibrant images of religious diversity, but stark opposition when it comes to marriage or so does the character’s make us believe. Although sometimes, over the top, where you get to see Holi being celebrated whenever they like, or rather showing a town where something or the other is always happening.

The colourful Benaras on display

How the plot unfolds with politics coming in, is again putting it in a larger frame of things. Yet, Avoiding these little clichés is the best you can do, to enjoy this lovely outing of Dhanush. A Good entertainer, one shouldn’t miss.

I’m going with 4 out of 5, for this Dhanush Starrer. Induldge yourself.