Gifts for my Child..

Writing down my “demands” on my Abbu’s scribble pad in our shop as a kid, whenever he was out on the site making various pandals which was part of our Tent decorations business and giving shape to numerous other marriages/parties, was one thing which I can never forget. I was spoiled as a child before my siblings started with their own set of demands when they started talking, but before that my “demands” were something which never got unnoticed. How could they be, if I write it down on the registers at our shop or there on the table where Abbu used to sit?

But there were lots of things which I never asked my parents, never did I write them down for their easy reference. Sometimes, I didn’t know I was supposed to ask or not. Sometimes, I didn’t know I even needed them. Expectations, yes, your parents are the ones from whom you expect the most out of.

Now, all these things are retrospectively very easy to describe, easier for me to judge or may even sound like a bit of complaining. But I have also realized that, the amount of time our parents spent on us can never be matched nor be equated with any sort of materialistic gift that they may or may not have given us.

Questions arises, will we ever be able to do the same?

Of course, we can try matching what we got from our parents, knowing well in advance that with our busy schedule it may not materialize. We can, however do plan out the part which is quite possible.

If, one has to make up a list of 5 things that are realistically possible and something which may match what our parents have given us in shaping what we are now.

1. A house of memories..

I’ve been brought up in our home in Jamshedpur, where we still live. All our memories, the good, the bad and the ugly, are all associated with this very house. The way we have grown, is all shaped up by this house. What I want to gift my child is a house, where he grows, plays, stays, laughs, cries, and do everything which is part and parcel of the everyday grind. And to look back into that same house, on how it did shaped up his being.

2. A piggy Bank..

Children should be taught the value of money and savings from the start. This would encourage them to instill values which would help them in their journey forward and also train them from timely emergencies which they might have.

3. His first bicycle..

Learning to fly is what I associated my bicycle learning experience with. it was as if learning to move ahead, the first rush of excitement to ride the bicycle out on the street. Even with the many injuries sticking on, the feel which the bicycle ride gives for the first time, without anyone’s support, is something that can never be forgotten.

4. Options

Growing up to be a teenager is something which is inevitable and we all want to see our child achieve something. We may all have certain biases regarding many of the career-oriented choices he may have or his aspirations might suggest, but if I can help my child into exploring all the available options, so that he may be able to take a better decision as what he truly wants to become, than that would be a satisfying part and a gift of a kind. This of course, is depended on the financial and mental backing, which is necessary to make sure his choice sees the light of the day.

5. A farmland

A farmland where we’ll plant trees on every b’day of any of the family member and by the time he has grown up, the place would be all green with trees bearing fruit. This would not only be family tradition but something which will resemble a natural way of growth and learning for the kids. This will also prepare them for future and meanwhile inculcate patience, hard work and a connect with nature through it. And of course, some meaningful family time and precious memories as well.


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