Bragging random things about me!!

A Friday raid on the theatres to catch the new release, adjusting the schedule in-and-around to fill in the much needed 2-3 hours of movie experience and a bit of travelling around. Coming back with thoughts and analysis, to review it all up. Believe me, writing for yourself and doing that for others are two different things.  Spinning my thoughts while returning on the characteristics and situations, blacks and whites, goods and the bads, of what I happen to see or in my case subjected to.

Then there is the much needed weekend break, some home cooked food and the homely affair at my sister’s.  Chitter chattering my way through it and then returning back in one of those City buses to the hostel.

The weekly grind begins spreading itself through classes from morning till late evening, all scattered across to increase the lethargic attitude that has become part of hostel life. Add to it all sorts of meetings, assignments, presentations and the week passes. Not to forget the crankiness of various group conflicts, baffling rules and regulations and my laziness that I continuously have to beat in order to strive forth. It all ends with the continued wait for the weekend.

Of course the weeks’ process is filled with simple joys of an evening stroll, late night addas, constant vellagiri on topics that are irrelevantly important, fights and bitching with never ending complaining, and the likes.

And then again the routine of Movie-watching, travelling and much-awaited weekend comes back to rescue this poor soul. But then, look how I am complaining? Someone, who has actually looked forward to being a Movie Critic.

In the midst of all of it, the constant push to write something of value always fails. Reviews, writing for any Indiblogger/Blogadda contests aside, there isn’t any writing as such. The only benefit that these contests provide is to put myself in front of the laptop and belt out a few words here and there. Apart from it, there isn’t actually any notable bullshit coming out of the blog.

Wow!! So much for bragging about being a blogger, huh ??

But then, there is the constant struggle to always look for a trade off. The half written MS-Word drafts are testimony to the fact that the trying part of writing is always up there in the list of to-do things.

Trade off’s you ask, right now the clock is almost trying to rush itself towards the morning while I am yet to call it a night. Yet, on a day when nothing productive actually happened on the surface of earth for a soul like me, I sit to complete this page to call it a post for myself.

A little bragging, uselessly tiring the readers to go through it and little comfort to have ended the day with something of value.

Until next time, when the mind lets me and when the spirit of writing blesses me to write about myself. Adios!!


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