10 Unsaid Social Media Rules

 10 Unsaid Social Media Rules

–> Tit-for-Tat: This rule emphasizes on the point that, you get what you give or you give whatever you get.  Although, the proportions vary, but with time, demography, variety, etc in place it does even out in the end. For, E.g A like for a like, a Retweet for a Retweet, a follow for a follow or otherwise, etc.

Social Intelligence

               Social Intelligence

–> The Social-hierarchy: Now, just as there is a hierarchical system in the real world, a system similar to that is in practice in the virtual domain as well. The ones at the bottom or the new entrants do have a tough time. Although there is an exception of girls with great DPs or guys with great humour. If you are not part of any of the two, then there is a lot of struggle to get ahead of the pack. Don’t worry, if you don’t have both of these, just go with the flow.

The Social Hierarchy

                                            The Social Hierarchy

–> Gender bias: And there is gender inequality at play too, females rule over the males over here. And this is the accepted norm.  Those who happen to not follow this, are either bashed by the virtual society or are paid no attention to hence forth. So, be easy of them. And females reading this, do take advantage of this.

–> Avoid the pain of relatives/Bosses: Try not to add any of your relatives/acquaintances who might be a nagging. And if you left with no choice, do make sure that you change settings, so that they are not able to see everything that you do. Some have separate accounts for relatives and acquaintances/ office/ friends. This fear of not able to be their “true self”, not able “to vent it out”, etc forces people to have multiple accounts. There is a gradual shift from Facebook to twitter because of the same reason.

Don't let your relatives, Ruin your Party

              Don’t let your relatives, Ruin your Party

–> Know Where To post What: It is no surprise that we use more than one social Media, and knowing where to post what, is the key to be effective. Think about the kind of audience you have and then post your content.

Know where to post what

                              Know where to post what

–> Flaunt what you want to display: Your likes/shares/Retweets tell a lot about you. Choose things that you want others to know about you. Helps in building opinions.

Choose your pics that you are going to upload accordingly, and always have the “review ” option ON, If, you don’t want to get tagged unnecessarily or tagged in pics where you look ugly.

Be careful with what others tag you in

               Be careful with what others tag you in

–> It’s all in the records: Everything you say over here is ON RECORD. Your speech might be forgotten, but not your posts/activities.  The social network addicts remember each and everything. Think a little before you type. Places where you don’t have authority to delete or edit your replies are the most dangerous. Be careful.

–> Like for peace:  Liking a comment on your status without replying is like saying, “dude, I don’t want to keep talking”/ “There’s nothing more to add”/ “I’ve already commented too much”. Also, don’t stress yourself, just like and there is peace. No more nagging.

–> Ignoring is not Bliss: If a person likes most of your statuses, pics, etc and you are not reciprocating back. Either, you want to maintain the “Social Hierarchy” or you are just being forgetful. Try not doing that, unless you want to cut-off the social relations chord.

the social network

                                      The social network

–> Humor is the key and learn to play the Wait-and-watch game: The best way to vent out your anger/grudge is to show it with a little attached humor or at least a ( :P / ;) ) smiley at the end. It sounds very minute, but does work wonder. Also, learn to play the wait and watch game. When you don’t want to argue with that particular person over an issue u disagree upon, you either don’t comment, you wait for someone else to start the war of words and you just politely disagree with it.


But the real joy of Social networking is not to follow any rules and just experiment. Having fun and killing boredom is the ultimate aim of it. Of course, there are loads of things to Learn, Share, Express, etc and that comes as a bonus. So just chill, and enjoy your time. Cheers!! :-)

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