An Idiot’s Love story : The Stalking (Part 3)

I felt kind of cheated. Not by her. But by my own thoughts which had already started building up 2bhk apartments of imaginations where there had not even been a foundation laid. Even thoughts of me getting laid. :P

I was stupid. Yes, I was. Being a romantic is a pain in your own ass, you know. You turn every single incident, every single statement and gosh, even you try to read the hidden meanings those smilyes might give off.

Why you ask? Well for starters, I tried to start off a conversation on facebook instead of actually going to her and talking, because you know, I just couldn’t!

So, there I was, sending her a friend request on facebook.

Oh, yes I’ve grown quite addicted to this, thanks to a little jealousy and to sharpen my stalking skills. With anticipation and worries, the night went on. Finally, got the notification that my request was accepted. Yes, I was happy and more so, relieved. A smile flashed in between the lecture, to which the professor gave me a strange look. Thankfully, it just stopped at that. Yeah, the look from him, not my smile.

From that, chats became a regular affair. Of course, I had to initiate those chats every night. Was yet to talk to her in person, but there was no stopping me to continue. And well, as it turned out I wasn’t the only one after her. Not just via this stupid fb chat, but on a lot of “platforms”, from restaurants to late-night walks to helping her in projects. Damn, and I was pinging her on facebook!!

So when this castle started showing cracks of being broken, with the heart breaking stories of her outings with others, and one in particular. I tried to talk one day, and move my online communication to the offline world. But then, the way it all unfolded only made me shrink in with the fear of never getting to be with her. Thoughts of me not of “her league”, not the one she is looking for and a whole lot, creeped in, like a storm.

What happened was a simple incident, a group of friends standing and there she swooped in to talk to one of them, even I mustered up courage to say a few words, afterall even I was one of her friend too, even though it was just facebook. But what I uttered, couldn’t travel the distance of a 2 feet!! Maybe she didn’t hear or maybe she just ignored. And I still repeated the same thing thrice, only to witness my words just fizzing off without getting to her ears.

Not that I never got to talk to her ever again. Staying in a residential college has its own perks, of having to cross paths multiple times and somehow during those “incidents” we did got talking. But then did anything happened or build on post those? Nope, not with me atleast.

A few days later she was with someone else. So, I became the guy, who admired her, while she walked around with someone else. Stalking her.

It wasn’t the end though. I did got my second chance.

What happens next ? Be there to find out soon. Also do read the first two parts of the story.

Part 1 & Part 2

As narrated by the Idiot, with minimum exaggerations and enhanced expressions. For further development keep waiting. 

on the road to be a writer…

Saw two back-to-back movies today. My general instinct is to come back home and write a review on them. Today too, I tried the same. Two lines into it, and I just didn’t felt like. Not that I don’t like writing them or find it too much of an effort, but I’ve got a little tired of routine. Of being monotonous. This is, one very important part of that routine.

Not that this is going to stop altogether, I will write them once in a while, but just trying to break free from the routine. It’s been long since I even experimented with my writing. Frankly, I never give this the attention it deserves. I never get tired of telling about how I love writing. But do I? I just try to find the easy way to express something out. Writing movie reviews, is not at all writing. At least, not according to me. It is more of describing your experience and more of a resource for generating a viewership for your blog.

Even this attempt to blabbering about me not writing is not some unique piece of content being written upon. If I could remember correctly, my attempts to get back to writing have in itself generated many posts. To quote a few of them, An attempt to get back to writing and kicking the writer’s block. Ironically, the second one dealt with 5 ways to solve the problem :P

And this isn’t all. Started off two short story series, namely The Broken glass and An Idiots love story before that, and couldn’t finish even those. It is not just about the laziness, of which I’m so full of but life being in no particular direction. All I crave for is peace. The ultimate desire to go some place quiet. Just sit there with my laptop and pen down things I really want to write about. Earlier this imagination was filled with me, living in a secluded old cosy house overlooking the city, with me writing by the view of the window. The imagination has surely modified itself with time, but the vague picture remains the same.

Writing something good and feeling it to be good yourself when you read it, is an achievement. I never feel like re-reading my posts to edit things, to correct things. I know I should, but apart from the visible grammar errors, there never seems to be a need to make changes. I believe it was in that moment which I thought of writing that sentence the way I thought. It was the naked picture that my words portrayed there, in putting fancy clothes on it to make it good later, will definitely make it appreciative. But in that craving of appreciation, I left the opportunity to introduce the true self of that sentence.

To a large extent, many write from how the audience or the readers would take the piece written. I won’t totally exclude myself from that list, but my true self will only come across if I write from that part of my heart which doesn’t focus entirely on that.

I’m choosing the road. Will try to travel along, hopefully a little faster this time and complete those unfinished stories with endings they deserve.

6 months after I started working…


Last Working day of this month. The penultimate month of the year is about to end. I have my confirmation letter in the drawer beside me. Oh yes, completed 6 months on the job and can officially throw away the trainee tag out of my Job title. (Aah! That feeling :) )

The weekend is almost there, right when I’ll step outside the office, the anticipation growing, while I type this. Work has been roadblocked by the absence of one of my boss (Oh, I have 5 of them) and the urge to write something instead of continuing to work for the day.

There’s a lot to be said about what’s my work like to me, but with the lack of any comparative standard (as this is my first job), I’m at a loss of words (actually, appropriate words).

I’ve prepared this list of things that I’ve got to do, and things that I’ve done. The list stares at me in the board of my cubicle. It’s a long list of things. But the post-its on top of that elusive list tells me, If I can do those, I can kick the others’ asses too :P.

Marketing Communication-DigitalMarketer-Web Developer-GraphicDesigner  things to do :P

Marketing Communication-DigitalMarketer-Web Developer-GraphicDesigner things to do :P

It has been years since I’ve regained my confidence. Getting it back has been the biggest achievement for me in the last 6 months. To categorize this as having “proven myself”, will be too much of an exaggeration but yes, would love to brag that the road has been chosen (chosen wisely). Sometimes, I wonder how thing would have been had I taken the Sales job offered back then. But then, I am thankful for this one.

A lot of credit goes to how things went during my MBA days. And this includes both good and the bad (Ohh, real bad!!). Somehow, the way things fell in place only makes me understand the beauty of Allah. I mean with every day, I become more mesmerized of his blessings. I’ve been really lucky in a lot of things.

One other chapter (I call them as chapters too) that I’ve added to my life in these months is fulfilling my desire to travel. It is not just about the places which I travel to, but the journey itself. My one-trip-a-month has been going on right since I joined this job. I do look forward for many more such trips, especially now when I’ll get to have more leaves (Permanent, you know :P ). While Pondicherry was the first time I travelled, explored and immersed in a place. Mumbai, with its charm and Mangalore with friends had its own magic. And of course the bike trip to yelagiri was another way to catch up with nature, myself and falling in love with the road.

A job teaches you a lot of things. To manage yourself completely.  Learning to handle your finances, to look forward to salary day and yes to forget about everything related to work over the weekend!! (I’ve already forgot :P)

It has its share of frustrations as well. The work-cribbing, the bad coffee, bottle-necks, deadline pressures, work getting more technically inclined (you have no idea, from MBA in Marketing to being branded a web developer in office) and no system in place.

But when I look at things from a different angle, understanding of not looking at your bosses or work environment from the eyes of existing employees, necessary deadlines to make me complete work faster, learning technical things which any other Marketing job, wouldn’t have made me do and working like a one-man army without a constraint.

Did I forget something? Yes bad coffee?? They replaced the machine so its decent now. And even if not, there should be one thing to crib about your office right? :P

Lessons from the wild

The eyes just looked red, before I opened up my eyes to see the sun striking down on my face. Sid was just lying around me at that time.

“Wake up, you lazy bum” was what I said while giving a nice kick to the area in question.

He woke up and just stared at my face, as if I’ve done some cardinal sin, by waking him up.

“dude???!!!, what’s wrong with you ? Can’t you just let me sleep for God’s sake!!”

“I would have, had we been in your cushiony bed instead of somewhere in the middle of nowhere, trying to complete the exploration, so get off your ass and get ready”. I felt like some coach of a sports film, giving a lecture to motivate the lads.

Only I wasn’t.

Sid, laughed hard on my face, seeing my “seriousness” but anyways got up.

Both of us had taken part in this competition for exploring the forests of Jharkhand, along with a few other crazy kids from all over India. We were supposed to collect items from a list and find our way to the other end of the forest before the other teams. On paper it was adventurous and super fun. Instead, it was scary and highly uncertain.

The first day, we were able to collect just “satavari”, which is an anti-oxidant and increases memory and is found to be beneficial for the eyes. This was our third day inside the forest, the second day had ended without much luck to complete the lisy. We both were already out of food, except a few pieces of biscuits. The list provided to us, not only had the names of the items but also what they are used for. Having read that this “satavari” can be beneficial for our health too, we tried this too. I’m not sure whether that helped, or it was just pure luck that we were able to spot “gaduchi” , “bala” and “vidarikand”, each of them help in building the immune system and also rejuvenating strength.

We needed strength and taking these things was more of a necessity now. The good thing about trying out these things is that, being herbs, they can only give more of benefoits, rather than the fear of harming us in any which way.

The only thing we needed to complete our list was Ashwagandha and Amla. The day had almost ended and we were unable to locate these. It was almost close to dusk that we finally found these, but to get to these plants, we needed to cross a natural bridge of tree, which might have fallen due to some storm perhaps.

“Come on Raj, we have to get it” cried aloud Sid after half-way going across the way. I am not a fan of heights. Not a fan as in, I’m a little scared. So, I kept my steps very carefully. Hardly, halfway through it, and Sid screamed and fell, and I almost peed. He held onto the branch and shouted. I was reminded of a scene from the movie ”Ishq” (for the uninitiated, the movie starred Amir khan and Ajay devgan in a very similarly funny scene). Funny, in a movie, but it was scary here. Sid, could actually fall and die. And so could I.

But I slowly went ahead and pulled him up, without any more filmy drama. Went ahead to get the other items in the list. Finally, making our way out of the forest.

We did not win. Some other team, completed it in 2 days itself, while we took an extra day altogether. Had something to blame each other knowing very clearly that this trip inside the greens of the forest was better than any other prize, which in this case was a huge bounty.

We were all given big boxes of Chywanprash along with the participation certificates. While coming back, Sid read aloud the list which we were searching for, in the forest.

dabur 3x immunity

I was about to say, “stop, it” for rubbing our loss again. But then I saw him reading it from the contents of the Chywanprash box.

We were surprised and amazed to think that things which gave us strength to stay put and survive in the forest are more easily available in these boxes.

At a time when germs like bacteria and viruses are everywhere, your immunity system needs strengthening to be able to cope with various infections and diseases.

This post was written in association with Indiblogger for 3x Immunity contest for Dabur Chyawanprash

Interstellar: My Review

Cast: Mathew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain

Director: Christopher Nolan

Runtime:170 Minutes


There are movies. And then there are Nolan’s movies.

Watching Interstellar is like layers of detailed awesomeness, which you peel off slowly. You get to see some and you go, Wow!! But wait, you get more of it repeatedly, one after the other. That is Nolan’s magic for you, wrapped up beautifully. Opening in front of your eyes.

Interstellar is about a lot of things. It is about space-time travel. It is about promises. It is about the quantifiable power of love. And it is about faith. All of this scattered across the plot, finally shaping up to be one fine storyline.

Interstellar movie review

Interstellar movie review

The story is about a engineer-turned-farmer, Mathew McConaughey(Playing Cooper), apparently in future we ran out of food, and how a quest for life outside the earth leads him to abandon his family to go for the mission. Accompanied by a few others, including Anne Hathaway, for the voyage across a newly discovered wormhole to ascertain life outside the dying Earth. But is this so simple? When it’s a Nolan movie, it doesn’t end there.

There is the ultimate father-daughter bond which is the most pivotal part of the movie. Apart from space exploration, it is also about exploring grey areas of personal sacrifices and how it translates across individuals.

It would be wrong to assume that this was an out-and-out entertainer; it slags in a few scenes, mostly in the first half and takes an effort to fully grasp the 5th dimension realities towards the audience. But then again, this is a Nolan’s movie and the audience is of the same kind.

Mathew McConaughey is brilliant in the portrayal of Cooper, the engineer as well as his daugheter, murph played by Jessica Chastain is a class act. The film is detailed, not just in its physics (a lot of it) as well as portrayal of the galactic and space realities involved.

Jessica Chastian playing Murph in Interstellar

Jessica Chastian playing Murph in Interstellar

I’m going with a 4/5 for Chritopher Nolan’s Interstellar, it isn’t a movie but an experience of excellence. Don’t miss this.

Gone Girl: My Review

Cast: Ben Afleck, Rosamund Pike

Director: David Fincher

Runtime: 149 Minutes

Watching Rosamund pike in Gone girl will shatter all previous images of the actress, be it as a bond girl or as the Queen Andromeda in Wrath of the titans. Gone Girl belongs to the Girl, the gone girl. The story is poetically dark and leaves an aftertaste of bewilderment.

Rosamund Pikes in Gone Girl

Rosamund Pikes in Gone Girl

You might gasp at the pace with which the movie takes off initially and might get a little anxious too, but wait it out because you’re in for a blast. And believe me; you won’t have to wait too much. The story (Would not reveal anything, so don’t worry), is about a missing wife of Ben Afleck, in a very difficult marriage. Shows you two sides of the story in a rather interesting manner and how psychopathic tendencies are resulted and affect love-hate relationships. The movie is based on the thriller novel by the same name by Gillian Flynn. Good part about casting Ben in movies like these is the smug-face that he does so well (read he has one), makes you wonder whether he is really innocent or not ?

Gone girl movie review

Gone girl movie review

You also get to see Neil Patrick harris too, in a very non-barney-non-funny way, in a very important role. David Fincher, no doubt has always made sure you are hooked till the final scenes of his movies, and you remain in a state of amusement once the ending credits are rolled down as well. From Fight club to even a few episodes of House of cards, you get to travel to the dark human psyche and be back to reality through his films. This one is just another great addition to that awesome list of many. I’m going with 3.5/5 for Gone Girl. Go watch Gone Girl, and be blown away. Rosamund Pike, I’ve become your fan.

Travelogue: The Mangalore Chapter

Karnataka couldn’t have been explored better than a trip with a bunch of friends. Living in Bangalore paints a very different picture of what the interiors of the state are, and this trip to Mangalore, Udupi and parts of Karnataka made me realize just that.

Usually I prefer travelling via train. First because, its cheaper and second, I hate travelling in buses. This time we were travelling in a car. It was a very convenient option, as we had to travel hopping places. Although it was on the expensive side, yet for the sake of convenience and ease of moving around this was comparatively the best option.

Our first stop and anchor for the trip was Mangalore, it was where our hotel was booked. We started late at night and reach early morning while enjoying the Ghats along the way during dusk.

Our first stop after checking in the hotel, was at Diesel Cafe. Breakfast of sandwiches, omelette, Scrambled eggs and Coffee.

We moved to the church of St. Aloysious nearby, which is around 130 years old. Carved with intricate pictures explaining the life of Jesus Christ and other saints. It was indeed a wonderful experience. The church is surrounded by college and nusring home in the same premises as well. The chapel is an architectural marvel in itself, built by Italian Antonio Moscheni.

It was almost time for lunch, but the place we had bookmarked for our lunch was closed. Reason being “Dry day” (2nd Oct) and since the restaurant comes along with a Bar. Instead we ended up having our “lunch” in an ice-cream parlour, called Paabba’s Ice cream, with only Ice-creams. If you ever visit Mangalore, this is a not-to-miss place.

Evening was reserved for a trip down to the beach and enjoy ourselves.

The Day-2 of the trip involved a lot of travelling as we moved from Mangalore to Udupi, after finishing our breakfast. Again, it was Diesel Cafe and instead of the English breakfast, this was more of a little taste of Mangalorean food. Neer dosa, Rice Rotis were had.

On our way to Udupi, we stopped at the 1000pillar temple.

During the trip, my eyes just turned green with the sight that was before me. All throughout the trip, it was just the green trees spread across everywhere that I could see.

The Neminath Basadi Temple in Karkala, overlooking the Gomateshwara statue and finally climbing the stairs to see the Huge statue.

The best part of the trip was yet to come, and like every trip you take, there remains that one place which stands out. Malpe beach was that place for me. I’ve never been on a beach with rain for company, but with this visit even that has been accomplished.

There were cocnuts lying around the beach, and one of my friend even broke it up for us to eat. :P

Coconuts in Malpe beach

Coconuts in Malpe beach

Dead fishes were thrown across with the incoming waves and so was garbage.

But we enjoyed the fishes. No, not those of course, but these. I always prefer the river ones over the Salt water fishes, but these were damn yummy.

While the fish was being fried, we indulged in some Gola and bhutta eating.

Although we went to Malpe beach with the hope of going over to St. Mary’s island, but thanks to timing, we just missed the ferry that takes people to the island. Sad part is, we had to watch the ferry leave in front of our eyes. :(

Consoled ourselves with the view of the dockyard and the crazy smell of fishes all over the place :P

Finally it was time to head back to Mangalore and finish of the trip.

For me ,the trip ended here at the beach with the taste of the fish still amalgamated in my mouth.

Must say, although I love travelling alone, this one with friends was very relaxing. Agreed that I missed out on lots of places to visit, authentic food to be tried, getting to know the locals or travelling in public transport while interacting with them. But this had a certain charm in itself.